Community Business Partners

Enriching the educational experience of Stough Elementary students.

The Stough Elementary PTA would like to thank all the businesses that support our school.

Stough’s tradition, since 1968, is one of which we can be proud.  Our PTA has implemented many successful programs that have enriched the educational experience of every student at Stough Elementary.  This has been made possible in part because of our Community Business Partners’ generous tax deductable donations. Donations may be made by different means: monetarily, certificates and/or event sponsorship.

Sponsorship Levels (based on both cash and in-kind donations):

  • Wild Stallion                $1000+
  • Gold Stallion                $750- $999
  • Silver Stallion              $500- $749
  • Bronze Stallion            $250-$499
  • Honor Stallion             $100- $249
  • Technology and Event Sponsors   (Amounts Vary)

Sponsor recognition:

Honor Stallion Company name, website, location and phone number published in the student directory, including designation of your sponsorship level.
Silver Stallion Honor + Company name printed in the monthly Stough Stallion Express publication accrediting your support. Coupons or discounts for 10% off or more will also be included at no extra charge.  (Once for Bronze, three issues for Silver, four  issues for Gold, all issues for Wild)
Gold Stallion Silver + Acknowledged permanently on a plaque displayed in our entryway.
Wild Stallion Gold + Listed with your logo and web-link on our website homepage throughout the school year.
Technology & Event Sponsors Honor + other acknowledgements depending on the donation and agreed recognition

For more information, contact Vahbiz Shroff at